Note: This website should be regarded as work-in-progress at the moment.


These are the web pages for the Data Linkage Repository.

The repository contains a list of data sets used in the literature, and a list of data linkage tasks.

Each data set and task contains references to relevant publications, and provides a way of citing them in future publications.

The website is intended to be maintained by the community. We welcome contributions via GitHub.


This repository is a community effort. Currently, Luiza Antonie and Hye-Chung Kum are the editors-in-chief. Özgür Akgün has developed the first version of the website.

We thank the following list of people for their support and contributions to the repository. They constitute the advisory board for the Data Linkage Repository.


We thank the following institutions for their support for the Data Linkage Repository.

License CC BY 4.0