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Meetings & Major Activities

Phase II: NSF funding to support development of repository and workgroup (Year 2 & 3)

With NSF funding to actually design and develop the repository, the workgroup actitivity are mostly on hold under a beta site is released for testing. A subgorup of the workgroup are participatig in the NSF project to design the repository and participate as leads of the project. See the DLRepository tab for more details.

NSF project activities that workgroup members are participating in

  • Hye-Chung and others presenting on DLRep at IPDLN conference in Sep 2018
  • Susan presenting on DLRep at the IASSIST & CARTO meetings in
    May 2018
  • ICPSR lead efforts to develop a prototype repository: Spring 2018
  • DLRep workgroup website released summer 2018 lead by Hye-Chung
  • NSF Steering Committee meeting May 15, 2018
  • User Story Committee meetings lead by Susan
    • April 18, 2018: Hye-Chung, Susan, & Abay (meta data)
    • April 3, 2018:  Hye-Chung, Susan, Amy, Luiza, Trent, Jared & Abay
  • IPDLN engagement planning meeting March 19, 2018: Hye-Chung, Amy, Trent
  • Organizing Meeting March 15, 2018: Hye-Chung, Susan, Maggie, Amy, Luiza, Trent, & Abay
    • Mainly decided to setup a subgroup, NSF User Story Committee, to lead the website design.
    • Hye-Chung will reach out to engage someone from the statistics community as well as reach out to other members for updates (UPDATE: Thank you Jared for agreeing to participate)
    • Started a user story document that is co-edited
  • ICPSR lead efforts to start design of repository Fall 2017
  • August 2017: NSF funding start
    • Adjust course to have ICPSR develop and host a prototype repository with NSF funding support in the next two years

Phase I: Organizing (Year 1)

  • Hye-Chung lead efforts to develop the current workgroup website
  • August 1, 2017: Tentative options for potential repositories drafted on this site shared for feedback on listserv by Hye-Chung
  • General Meeting to assess status and decide on future plans July 12, 2017 Meeting Notes
    • More people have engaged including the statistics community
    • With uncertainly in funding, mainly decided to investigate our full options
  • Setup listserv  at Texas A&M University to facilitate communication May 2017
  • Luiza lead efforts to hold in person discussion for future plans at the The Systematic Linking of Historical Records (May 11-13, 2017) with Hye-Chung and Oz.
  • NSF EAGER proposal submitted to host repository at ICPSR by ICPSR, Texas A&M University and US Census April 2017
  • Efforts lead by Oz to prototype a repository using github: Fall 2016
    • Tentative release planned for Dec 2016
    • Was almost ready to release, but decided to stopped efforts due to not being able to engage people outside computer science and wanted to sync efforts with others
  • Setup basic online group Oct 2016
    • Published a short abstract on goals to facilitate conversations for funding & formally organize people
    • Setup gdrive to share docs and co-edit
  • Amy engage ICPSR and a followup conference call with people at ICPSR to join efforts in Oct 2016
  • Adhoc group decide to start a workgroup to organize diverse experts around a data repository for record linkage to push the field forward in Cambridge Sep 2016
    • Hye-Chung & Luiza agree to colead, with others agreeing to participate